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i am no longer continuing this blog, talesfromthecreeps

i’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but i guess i have just been dismissing the idea of actually ending and parting with it .  i am not proud of this blog.  i am ashamed to contribute to a community which glorifies self-loathing and depression.  (i am not denouncing all of tumblr, but those which promote these ideas).
i think i need to learn to draw for myself, and explore more than my current repetitive style.

i want to get better.
please understand that this blog is sort of a burden to me, now. and that it is necessary for me to try to grow up and move on.
please seek help. unfollow any blogs which advertise their posts as for depressed teenagers.  you cannot continue to submerse yourself in the negativity these blogs encourage.  yes, i understand how relatable it all is, but you can’t allow yourself to be entirely consumed by it.  it will become all you know.

please don’t idolize me, i am literal garbage
don’t get my work tattoo’d on you, you will regret it.

i am proud of all of you, and i am sorry if i have pushed my negativity onto you.

i will still check my messages, so if you still wish to contact me don’t hesitate to.

many thanks,

here have a fern

i wish there was some way to attend school and not have your face visible

i want to go out and do something but it is wednesday evening and i have a maths test tomorrow

Anonymous asked: Hey, little fighter. Keep trying, okay? Keep going. Because you're doing great. And I promise, it'll all be worth it. Nothing worth having comes easy. So don't be afraid when the tide comes in and the trials are underway. You'll overcome and you'll be even better and stronger than you were before the storm hit. So don't give up. I love you.


thank you thank you
i want to cry
you have no idea how much i need this

i need to wake up to this message everyday


my goal for this year is to not say no when people invite me to things

hahahaha whoops

whenever someone asks me why i’m grouchy i instantly become 1000000x more grouchy.

ya i’m hungry
but i’m also lazy so

how are parents’ rooms always clean?

your stories are so cute and thank you for sharing them with me
but i need to go to bed, now
thank you for making me feel happy!